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Add wheels to your calculator!


More Programs Coming Soon

Programs in text for you to enter

or just highlight and copy and paste in graphlink

Take a look at the other models than what you have, most of the code is very close to the same!

The manual for each model are available at the links below. You will need Adobe reader ( (free) to get these. Some will allow you to just downloand the chapter on programming!

73 manual

82 manual

83 manual

85 manual

86 manual

83 plus manual (the best programing text) Works for the 84 series too!

89 manual

And now the programs

Most of the programs you will replace the -> with the STO key on your calculator to make the program run correctly!!!! (The STO symbol does not show up in a text file on a web page, sorry)

Email us at with your calculator programs and we will post them here!

Email us at if you find mistakes in these files, we do get confused at times switching from model to model:)

Our telephone line: 1-702-263-7932
Our FAX line: 1-702-876-9231

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